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Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company registration in India is the best suitable business structure for entrepreneurs who are planning for large-scale business operations. To register a Public Limited Company in India there should be a minimum of seven members and there is no limit on the maximum number of members/shareholders for starting a Public Limited Company. The shares can be acquired by anyone through initial public offerings or through stock market trade. Such offerings are beneficial in raising capital for the company. The rules and regulations are most stringent as compared to the Private limited company. This is because the funds invested in the company also belong to the public.

Requirements for Incorporation

Minimum 7 shareholders and 3 directors are necessary.

For a Public Limited Company, the name must end with the word “Limited”.

Before the procedure of registration, the name of the company should be approved by ROC.

DSC of all Directors and Subscriber are necessary.

The rules and regulations are most stringent as compared to the Private limited company.

Advantages of Incorporation of Company

  • 1 - Limited Liability of the shareholders

  • 2 - Raising the capital through Public Issue

  • 3 - Separate Legal Entity

  • 4 - Unlimited source of raising funds

  • 5 - Easy Transferability

  • 6 - Maintains the Transparency

Check list


ID and Address Proof {Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Telephone bill/ Mobile Bill (not later than 2 months) of Directors & Shareholders

ID proof and Address Proof of the Promoters/Subscribers/Shareholders (PAN, Aadhar Card, Passport)

Passport size pictures of Directors

DSC of Directors and Shareholders

Mobile No. and Email id of Directors

Provide DIN if already have of Directors


Authorized Capital and the proportion of contribution by the Shareholders

Detailed Objects of the Company

Utility bill for registered office of the Company(Not older than 2 months)

Proof of ownership along with NOC of the owner

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